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Benefits of Using a Mortgage Calculator

October 31, 2017 0

When buying a new home, it is critical to know what you can afford, ask your Mortgage broker. Your monthly mortgage payment does not typically are made up only of the loan amount, but will usually include your gross annual property fees, homeowners insurance, and could also include what is known as “mortgage insurance.”

Determining the quantity of your mortgage repayment happens by adding up many of these factors, plus theory and interest can be quite difficult. Fortunately, because of modern technology, Mortgage brokers Melbourne Calculators are readily available on the web. They can help you determine what you can afford, compare rates, understand the benefits of putting down a little extra cash, and illustrate how much you can save by paying more on basic principle over the lifespan of the loan.

Knowing EVERYTHING YOU Can Afford

This is … Read the rest....

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Tips and Tricks to Prepare for Meeting with Your Mortgage Broker

October 1, 2017 0

Are you a first-time buyer meeting with your mortgage broker to get the process started? There are a lot of things you should be considering when you are in this important phase of your life. Some people say that purchasing a new home is one of the most stressful times in someone’s life. This is probably true because there are so many different things you have to think about. Not only are you weighing all your options but you and probably thinking about all the money that will be spent in the future between taxes and home repairs. The first thing to think about is obviously where you want to be living, once you find a town or neighborhood you have to go see all the different houses that are for sale. Even if you find a house that seems … Read the rest....

Five Things You Should Know About Working with a Mortgage Broker

May 1, 2017 0

When it’s time to acquire a home loan for your new property, the question will be raised as to whether you should hire a mortgage broker or not. And while you may know that they work for you to get you the best deals, you may not know more about how they operate, or why.

With a little extra knowledge, you can save yourself stress and worry, and find yourself the right mortgage broker for you!

They are paid on commission

It’s important to remember that for their hard work, your mortgage broker deserves to be paid for sealing that extra deal. As such, they’re often paid on commission, meaning that they get a cut of the fee on your mortgage.

Usually it’s about 1% of the total mortgage fee, but it’s not unheard of for them to waive this, … Read the rest....

All you need to know about Contractor Mortgages 

December 17, 2016 0

When you are going to hire a mortgage broker in Melbourne for finding you a mortgage loan, you might want to know as much about the type of mortgages that you can get. Especially, if you are a contractor that is looking for a contractor mortgage. The contractor mortgage is different from a normal mortgage that anyone can apply for. Here is everything you will need to know about the contractor mortgages:

What is a contractor mortgage?

Many people know what a mortgage loan is, but there are only a couple of people that really understands what a contractor mortgage really is.

A contractor mortgage is a loan or a mortgage, that you can find at a mortgage broker, that is especially for contractors that are building property like homes and offices. They need to have the cash to start … Read the rest....

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Is a remortgage or second charge mortgage right for home improvements?

July 8, 2016 0

Homeowner dreams of the day they will pay off their mortgage, but a growing number of people are checking out with their mortgage broker ready to take a second mortgage. They end up using the money in financing home extensions and IVF treatment instead of looking forward to a mortgage free financial lifestyle.  The latest data clearly shows second charge mortgage leading galloping ahead and has leapt to the highest since 2008. 2008 saw the £887m of second mortgages to homeowners a 36% increase 2015 and more thrice the second mortgage in 2011-2011.

Why are people opting for a second mortgage?

I still wonder how to do the homeowners workout with the mortgage, how expensive are they and the downside available. Why can’t the homeowner just get a further advance for the existing mortgage broker?

What a second mortgage?                                  

It’s … Read the rest....

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Getting A Home Mortgage Loan With Bad Credit Score

February 23, 2016 0

Everyone dreams of a home once in a lifetime but sometimes the dream does not materialize due to various reasons, and one such thing is getting finance for such a project with bad credit score. The best deal is always through banks as their interest rate is less as compared to other loan institutions. In recent years, many private agencies have joined the fray and are providing home mortgage loans.

Getting mortgage loan with bad credit score is complicated but not impossible. Most banks and financial institutes offer mortgage loans to people with good credit ratings as the receiver is under the commitment to pay back the loan with interest. Lenders are highly skeptical of offering loans to people with bad credit score.

Bad Credit score shows that you were unable to pay off the loans taken from various … Read the rest....

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6 Smart And Easy Mortgage Renewal Tips You Must Know

February 23, 2016 0

When your mortgage renewal date comes up, you should do certain things, or you might end up with a mortgage that does not suit your needs. Almost all the lenders send out home loan renewal notices to their customers. Approximately 70% of the homeowners sign the forms without even checking the terms and conditions of the loans.

Later on, they get a shock when they receive huge bills. This article highlights some effective tips that can help you to make the best deal.

Smart and easy mortgage renewal tips

The 6 smart and easy home loan renewal tips that you must know are given below:

1 . Shop around: You can shop around in your neighborhood or can even search online for mortgage lenders. The reason is your present lender might not offer you the cheapest interest rate on the … Read the rest....

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3 Good Signs of a Good Mortgage Broker

February 23, 2016 0

How do you say that a mortgage broker is good? Not all people have the idea on how to determine the good and the bad mortgage broker. So, here are simple facts about it to guide you in your quest for a good mortgage broker.

What is a mortgage broker?

Mortgage Broker Toronto People often confuse lenders from mortgage brokers. A lender endows the loan money to the borrower wherein a mortgage broker offers loan products to the lender. A mortgage broker assists borrowers in finding suitable mortgage loans, serving as a link between lenders and borrowers.

A mortgage broker usually works with various lenders to offer their clients numerous choices even for those with needs such as problem credit. Also, a mortgage broker compiles the necessary documents such as employment verifications, property appraisals, credit reports, employment verifications,etc. They also … Read the rest....

Mortgage Broker vs. Mortgage Lender 

February 16, 2016 0


If you are the market for a residence and have found the best place, your next step is securing a loan. For plenty people, that is the stressful part. You have to confirm your income, move over your credit score report and show which you are a worthy borrower. Then the following step is identifying in which to get a mortgage. You have got two alternatives to find a mortgage to your future home: mortgage brokers and mortgage lenders. There are lot of variations among the two.

Mortgage lenders

A mortgage lender is who can provide a mortgage, along with industrial banks that offer a slew of services and banks mortgage. In case you pick to discover a loan going through mortgage lenders instead of mortgage brokers, you need to practice  to each lender. This will make the … Read the rest....

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Mortgage Brokers Melbourne advise to go fixed rate loan

February 11, 2016 Residential Loans 0

With interest rates at record lows in Melbourne, the mortgage broker rates have a good chance of rising over the next 12 months. Historically interest rates on home loans are part of a cycle of undulating rates depending on the economic cycle. Mortgage Brokers Melbourne are advising borrowers to lock in a fixed interest rate. Fixed rates are 4.0% for three years. This can be compared to the variable rate of 4.35% for many banks.

Using the services of a mortgage broker melbourne can help you manage the effect of an interest rate rise. One strategy is to maintain the mortgage payments at the same level even when interest rates rise. That will build a buffer in the event interest rates on home loans rise.  In fact increases in rates have already occurred in the mortgage market due to capital … Read the rest....

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